Dog Section

At Sureguard Security we are able to provide bespoke and general canine security solutions for both private and public sector organisations across the UK.

Our professionally managed canine security services within which we have specific and specialist expertise include:

  • General Purpose patrol dogs
  • Specialist search teams
  • Parks and open spaces security

Our dog section is highly trained and can be used for any site or location. General Purpose dogs are employed for handler protection, patrolling schools, college campuses and public spaces as well as providing an efficient solution to security concerns and commercial sites, industrial estates and building sites.


The company has spent a long time working to actively assist in reducing anti-social elements that can become apparent in so many areas with great demonstratable success. Company dog teams have proved particularly effective in promoting community spirit, so only those handlers displaying high levels of communication and people skills are selected. Flexibility and versatility are key to dog team operations. Where possible all dogs are ‘homed’ with their handlers on a strict one-dog, one-handler basis to ensure close bonding. Continuation training is provided, and close monitoring of dogs and handlers is essential for the further development of our Dog Section.

Our dog section manager and supervisors have a combined wealth of experience and expertise and the direct benefit of this is realised in the added value passed onto our customers in terms of increased operational effectiveness and tangible pro-activity.

All of our operational personnel are provided with appropriate equipment for their task being attired in tactical field operational uniform, and follow an exemplary dress code. Dog welfare is assured and is individually audited. Therefore all of our dogs are presentable and more importantly in excellent condition. You can rest assured that our dog units will present a professional, identifiable and immaculate image at all times.

Overall, Sureguard Security’s dog section provides a very effective, flexible and accountable service to your business.

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Alarm Response & Key Holding
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